Green Rigel Indo Kratom Blend

$ 9.91$ 135.15


Green Rigel Indo Kratom Blend

$ 9.91$ 135.15

| Premium Grade Kratom |

(Blend of Green Borneo and White Borneo Kratom)

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

  • Extreme Energy
  • Mood Lifting
  • Soothing
  • Great for Work
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Green Rigel Kratom Blend

Green Rigel Kratom is a Blend of Green Borneo Kratom and White Borneo Kratom. This combination is heavier with the Green Strain and has been blended with a splash of white for a energizing but focused effect. This is a great strain for day time use. We have carefully crafted it to have a balanced effect with mood lifting properties. Kratom from Borneo has has a high content of alkaloids and is incredibly consistent. This is due to the humidity in Borneo. Thailand is very humid ranging at around 80% year round. Kratom Trees love this kind of weather and no matter what season of the year they leaves are picked they are very similar. You can always count on the Borneo strains to work. The leaves of Borneo Kratom are typically oval shades and have a dark green color, with an average size of 100-180 mm width and length.

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We were consumer shoppers of many kratom vendors prior to starting our own business. In those transactions we have come across some good vendors and many not-so-good vendors. We realize that you need to trust your vendor. Kratom is not your normal commodity, When you spend money on it you want to be certain that you are getting high quality product every single time. The Golden Road Kratom only uses the best product on the market. Every single strain is lab tested and packaged in a proper environment. But, Even more important we will go out of our way to serve our customers. We realize that kratom customers want there kratom when they need it. We also realize that you have many questions and possibly need some guidance. Call us or Email us anytime, We would be happy to talk with you and build a relationship.

          Premium Kratom Powder: Premium Grade Kratom ground to an extremely fine kratom powder.

          Premium Kratom Capsules: Premium Vegan Capsules, Size 00, 1/2 gram of powder per capsule.


Disclaimer: Sold as a botanical ingredient with no directions or claims. Capsules are used for separation of botanical and measurement purposes only. Not approved by the FDA for internal use.

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