1 Kilo Kratom Capsule – 2 way Split

220.00 $

1 Kilo Kratom Capsule – 2 way Split

220.00 $

2 – 500 gram packages of Kratom Capsules 

(1 Kilo | 2.2lbs.)

Ingredients: All natural botanical Mitragyna Speciosa (no additives)

Strain #1
Choose your first kratom strain to complete your kilo split.
Strain #2
Choose your second kratom strain to complete your kilo split.
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MPN: 1 Kilo Kratom Capsule - 2 way Split
Brand: Golden Road Botanicals


1 Kilo Kratom Capsule Split

Now you can group 2 of our regular premium kratom strains together to make a kilo (1000 grams). Each strain will be a package of 500 grams each.

Why Buy a Kilo Splits

Many people find that taking different kratom strains on a daily or weekly basis help keep it to working to it’s full potential. The alkaloids in your favorite strain of Kratom are different than any other strain. When you expose your body to the same variations of alkaloids repeatedly, your body gets used to them. This can cause Stagnant Strain Syndrome and you will start to see an increase in your dosage. One of the best ways to keep it at bay is to change up your kratom strain frequently.


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Why Buy From The Golden Road Kratom?

We discovered Kratom by shopping with many of the popular brands online before starting our own business.  Those consumer experiences were mixed and allowed us to incorporate what we liked in our products and customer service.

Having trust in your retail experience is paramount. We understand that and take it very seriously. Kratom is not as well known as other food supplements which is why we’re happy to help.  We also focus on only this product, which allows our full attention to detail. You work hard for your money and  want to be certain that you are getting consistent quality and service that you can rely on.

The Golden Road Botanicals only uses the best selection of sourced leaves in the market. Every product is lab tested and packaged with good manufacturing practices in mind.  More importantly we strive to exceed our customers expectations and realize that you play a pivotal roll in the success of our company.  We appreciate each and every customer.

We are always happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you have.  Our professional staff with get you the answers that you are looking for.  Call us or Email us anytime.

Benefits of using a Kratom Potentiate

Kratom Potentiates Turmeric, pineapple and citrus tea


Premium Powder: Premium Grade botanical ground to an extremely fine powder.

Premium Capsules: Premium Vegan Capsules, Size 00, 1/2 gram of powder per capsule.


Disclaimer: Sold as a botanical ingredient with no directions or claims. Capsules are used for the separation of botanical and measurement purposes only. Not approved by the FDA for internal use.


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