Golden Road Kratom Rewards

How Do The Rewards Work?

Upon registering with Golden Road Kratom, you will be entered into our Loyalty Rewards Program. This program is designed in 3 tiers of Member Loyalty. The Rewards Program is based off the cart total of each order. Every dollar you spend will earn you Gold Bars (Rewards Points). At the Entry Level “theGROM”, You will receive 2 Gold Bars for every dollar spent. (Double the Industry Standard). Upon hitting 15 completed orders, you will graduate to the next tier. Each tier will offer better rewards and more perks. We have put no cap on how many Gold Bars you can rack up or to how many can be used at one time. When you decide to use your Rewards you may do so at checkout.

Golden Road Loyalty Tiers


This Entry level membership will already be earning you Gold Bars (Rewards Points). Upon Registering with GRK, you will receive 500 Gold Bars as a Gift. Every dollar spent will earn you 2 Gold Bars.


After your 15th completed order with GRK, you will have graduated to “theLOCAL”. You will be receiving 500 Gold Bars for proving your Loyalty as well as receiving a Free Gift with you next purchase. This tier will award you 4 Gold Bars for every dollar spent.


WOW! 30 completed orders. You are now a Legend in our eyes. This tier will be earning 6 Gold Bars for every dollar spent as well as other perks. You will be receiving a Free Gift with your next order and will also receive Legendary Deals. GRK will also be calling on you to try new products before they launch.

More Ways To Earn Rewards

500 Gold Bars  –  Registering to Golden Road Kratom

500 Gold Bars  –  Refer a Friend to GRK

500 Gold Bars  –  Being Referred to GRK

250 Gold Bars  –  Leave a Product Review

More Ways Coming Soon

How Do I Know How Many Gold Bars I Have

Login to your Golden Road Kratom Account. Click on “My Account” in the menu. This is your home base. Here you will find how many Gold Bars you have earned as well as a list of orders you have received them for.

What Are My Gold Bars Worth?

100 Gold Bars = $1

This will add up quickly. Especially when climbing through the tiers. We will also be having sales to earn double the Gold Bars as well as sales where you Gold Bars are worth twice as much. Look out for those emails.

How Do I Spend My Gold Bars

If you are logged into your Golden Road Account, you will find how many Gold Bars currently have is listed on the Cart Page and the Checkout Page. You will find a place where you can enter how many Gold Bars you would like to spend. They will be deducted like a coupon.

NOTE: You can stack a coupon on top of using your Rewards.

Please reach out to us on chat or through email if you have any questions at all.

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