Does Kratom Really Offer Sexual Enhancement?

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Kratom for Sexual Enhancement? Is that really a thing?

The most amazing thing about Kratom is the reason people find success with the plant.  The industry has been growing for two decades and people are discovering new benefits and interesting ways to increase their quality of life through its use. What makes Kratom unique is the wide array of benefits that each person discovers through its use. This is also why there are so many questions about it. These experiences lead to exploration which allows GRK the opportunity to answer.  We enjoy engaging with our customers to improve their experience through this dialogue and guidance. One of the leading questions asked is whether or not Kratom plays a role in sexual enhancement or drive. Luckily, there have been some studies on this subject that we can share with you. Let’s break this down a bit by introducing some of the studies and science that has been published on this subject. 

What is Kratom

Kratom or (Mitragyna Speciosa) grows natural in Southeast Asia and in a lot of ways it looks just like an ordinary tree. The leaves of the tree are very special though and have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds if not thousands of years. Kratom leaves contain alkaloids and compounds that have shown to have many benefits to our human bodies. The Kratom leaves are ground down into a powder, commonly mixed in with a beverage or taken in a capsule form. Traditionally Kratom was taken in by making tea. Please read this for a deeper understanding.


Does Kratom Enhance Your Sex Drive

In Short… Yes, and No…It Depends. 

There are limited studies on this subject however after years of dealing with customers and reading experiences we can figure out what’s going on. 

The amount of Kratom you take and the strain really play a part here. In large doses Kratom can be sedative and this can have adverse effects to your libido. However when the right dose is taken for energy many people say they have increased their sexual performance. Kratom has great energetic benefits but also helps with cognition and focus. The plant offers analgesic effects which in result could desensitize sexual organs. If you are looking to increase your performance this could be what you need. If you take a large dose it can not only lead to poor performance but it can also decrease your desire and sexual drive. With similar effects to opioids, larger doses offer a relaxing and calming experience. To put this plainly, when your brain is already relaxed and stimulated it does not have the desire to be stimulated.

 In July of 2019 there was a study released. This study had Seventy-two participants and 78% reported using Kratom to enhance sexual performance and 99% reported experiencing improved sexual performance. This is similar to what you find when you talk to people or read about their experiences. Most people find a benefit in there sex life but the right strain and right dose need to be taken.

Here are some other benefits

  • StaminaWhen your body has enough energy it is able to perform at higher levels, increase your endurance and keep you focused. This is a benefit to most things in life.
  • Self Confidence – Kratom often elevates your mood and a sense of well being, it also improves your motivation. This combination will help you feel good about yourself and ease up on inhibitions.
  • Social Anxiety – With a sense of being relaxed and well being, it can help with your social skills. By eliminating the social anxiety it allows you to feel comfortable.
  • Performance Anxiety – Helping to promote positivity, Kratom can help rid your mind of insecurities and help build your confidence. This leads to a better performance.

Kratom for Men’s Sexual Enhancement

Yes, Kratom has benefits for a man’s sexual experience but, it also can be troubling. 

Men that have trouble with the performance duration may find that Kratom can be a huge benefit helping to desensitize certain organs and can of course help with performance anxiety. On the other hand it can affect you in the wrong way. If the Kratom dose is too large it can have effects like a muscle relaxer and lead to erectile dysfunction. If you take Kratom to often it can possibly lead to a lower sex drive as well. 


Kratom for Women’s Sexual Enhancement

From what we have read and what we have learned it seems that women’s have more gain from using Kratom for sexual enhancement. In most cases women talk about Kratom helping relax them and feel more comfortable allowing them to be more in the moment. It can also help women with performance duration much like men by desensitizing certain muscles and organs. That being said there are some instances where women have taken too large of a dose and are unable to have an orgasm.

Kratom Strain Suggestions

Stamina & Energy

A premium Green Malay will always do the trick


Red Vein Borneo Capsules


White Vein Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Finishing Statement

There is not much science to back up Kratom benefiting sexual enhancement, there have been limited studies done on this subject. What we do have are comments, reviews and stories of personal experiences and this does count for a lot. Most of what we learned here is that Kratom can have benefits for sex but the dose you take and the strain you take play a massive role in the success of it. Kratom offers many benefits to people when taken properly and responsibly, taking Kratom for sexual enhancement is no different. The best thing you can do to help others is to share your stories and experiences.

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