Why Kratom Capsules are a Good Idea

Kratom Capsules are a Good idea

Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, kratom capsules are beneficial and discreet.

Traditional Tea has been the most popular way for taking Kratom throughout its history. However, here in the United States it is a much more rare form to take Kratom. In the US it is more common to take it as a shot, using the toss and wash method or by taking capsules with Kratom powder inside. Though there are many benefits through drinking a tea it does take some time to make and it is also not very discrete. Drinking the powder mixed into a liquid, also known as the toss and wash method, has its benefits because it feels stronger and allows you to  feel the effects quicker. That being said, Kratom capsules people in different ways depending on the situation. Even though you may prefer taking Kratom another way, most people find a reason to have capsules ready to take. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits listed below.

Dosing for Beginners

As a beginner in the realm of Kratom it can be quite confusing on how much Kratom to take as well as measuring out a dose, and, not everyone has a scale at home to measure out a precise amount. Kratom capsules play a crucial role in this, most Kratom companies use a size “00” capsule, these capsules hold roughly  a half gram of Kratom product. (0.5 grams). With great accuracy you can pinpoint your dose and this is vital for beginners. By knowing your exact dose you can keep track of the dose between strains and helping you keep control of the effects. With this precise information you can zero in on the dose for your mood, mental acuity and physical discomfort. It is important to take Kratom responsibly.

Portable and Convenient

Anyone who has made a Kratom drink or tea will tell you that Kratom is a fine dust and gets everywhere, it can make a mess. This makes it very difficult to take Kratom on the go or out in public. Making a Kratom drink in public or at work can be very difficult all while drawing attention to what you are doing. Because the capsules are pre-measured and there won’t be any residual powder to clean up, they are very popular for office workers. We also have many customers that prefer to take capsules on vacation with them. Whether you are going on a road trip or flying capsules are easier to store, hold in your pocket or throw in a backpack. All around easier to keep Kratom with you on a busy routine.

Kratom Capsules in a bag

Eliminate the taste of Kratom

I think we can all agree that the taste of Kratom is ghastly. Though many people get used to it or just deal with it, it can be too much for some people. Over time it can become an acquired taste but for newbies it can be a massive turn off. Many people learn to deal with it because the benefits of Kratom outweigh the distinct taste. 

Connoisseurs of Kratom will often say that ingesting Kratom powder with toss and wash method or tea is the best way to get the full benefits of Kratom. In some cases and for some people this might be the case, but, it is not necessary to enjoy the prosperity of the Kratom leaf. Kratom capsules have virtually no taste and for some people this is the key to that unlocks there journey with Kratom.


SHHH! Capsules are Discreet

There is nothing subtle about steeping Kratom tea or weighing out Kratom powder to mix your beverage. While Kratom is becoming more mainstream and becoming a more accepted natural health care solution every day, It can still draw stares and questions while your at work or out in public. Capsules filled with a green powder look no different than any other vitamin or supplement. Capsules are a very discreet way to take your Kratom dose at your desk or in the middle of the day.

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Kratom Capsules Save Time

As we all get caught up in the bustle of a busy world, we don’t always have the luxury of time to make a cup of Kratom tea. Maybe it’s a busy morning at home with the family or its back to back meetings at work, it’s always a good idea to have some Kratom capsules at the ready incase you need them. Without interrupting your busy day you can fit your Kratom routine into your schedule on the go.


Save Money Making your own Kratom Capsules

While buying pre filled capsules is extremely convenient and saves a lot of time, there are advantages to filing your own capsules. The first advantage is the price. Kratom powder is way cheaper than buying pre filled capsules. If you have the time you can buy a small capsule tray and empty capsules and fill them yourself. While this does take time to do and can make a bit of a mess. It does save money. Another reason is accuracy. If you are buying capsules from a reputable vendor you can trust that the capsules are filled accurately to the advertised amount of powder. However, If you buy your caps in a random head shop they may not be exactly accurate and the result can affect your dose. By filling your own capsules you can be sure that they are filled properly and you know exactly how much product is in each one. 


Capsule Trays/Machines can be purchased from many different places on the internet including Amazon. Capsule trays range in the size of the tray and the size of the capsule they fill. The most common size in this industry is a “00” size. A “00” Capsule holds between .5 and .65 of a gram per capsule. Once you pick out the tray or machine of your choice you can order empty capsules that fit the size of your machine. 

Here is an example of a small capsule tray that would be a great place to start.


Note: If you have a hard time taking capsules, you can get capsules in a size ”000”. You can also find trays that fill this size that hold roughly .375 of a gram per capsule. 

The Wrap Up

Kratom is renowned for its ability to encourage a healthier lifestyle offering enhanced cognition, promoting focus and helping to maintain your wellbeing. There is no right way to take it. Kratom capsules are incredibly convenient but they do not detract from the benefits that Kratom provides. Many people think that when you take the capsules the effects last longer because of the way your body breaks down the capsules and digests the powder over a longer period of time. This may be ideal with daily stresses or rigorous workday. We also see many athletes that prefer capsules before a workout. Decreasing irritability and maintaining a relaxed state of mind.

 Kratom is an amazing plant and when taking properly the benefits are plentiful. Kratom capsules are just another way to keep your routine. Regardless of your favorite way of taking your dose. Kratom Capsules are always handy and have their place and time for everyone.

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