Dosing Tips for New Kratom Users

Dosing Tips for Beginners

Kratom is unique to everyone Here are some dosing tips for kratom and how to find your ideal dose.

We would like to discuss dosing for new kratom users. We are all new to kratom at one time or another and this one little thing could be nerve-racking or somewhat scary. We have talked with so many new customers on this topic and have decided to write about it.

The internet has so many blog posts on this topic but as I read through them I get more frustrated than anything. I see so many people on Reddit talking about what kind of dose you need to take to get high. That’s just nonsense. YOU WILL NOT GET HIGH from Kratom. That’s not to say you won’t feel something but kratom should be used as a tool in some cases and others as a friend. With anything in life, it’s moderation. The same thing applies to kratom. Take as little as necessary.

OK. Let’s jump into it.

First off. The amount of Kratom Strains and Kratom Names out there can be overwhelming. A lot of this is vendor branding. The key things to look for are the color of the strain and the location of where the Kratom Tree grew. Red Thai, Green Malay, White Borneo, and so on. Beyond this vendors will have Blends or Fusions (read about them here). Most of us are introduced to Kratom through a friend, the thing to keep in mind is that the kratom is your own journey, what works for them may not be the strain for you. What we recommend is to start with smaller purchases of multiple different strains. That way you can experiment on your own terms with a few things over a week or two and decide what you like best. We have a few customers that have actually kept notes through the first few months of kratom on the different strains. When they want to place an order they give us a call and we can discuss what is working and what is not working and help guide you to a much better experience and better results. It is best to find a few strains that you like so you can continue to rotate the strains through the day or the week. This prevents something called Stagnant Strain Syndrome (not really a syndrome). But the idea behind it is true. It will help you keep your tolerance down which again brings us back to taking as little as necessary.

Second… How much to consume

We see most new customers start out with consuming 2 to 3 grams of kratom as one dose. This is where I started and I can say that personally, this was a good jumping-off point. 2 grams of kratom is about ½ of 1 Teaspoon or a quantity of 4, 00 size capsules. Here at Golden Road Kratom, we use size 00 capsules. This is enough for you to get your feet wet. If you do not feel the effects you can add half a gram each time until you acquire your desired effect.

Kratom scoops and powderThird… How to Consume Kratom

There are two main ways to consume kratom. Powder or Capsules. We notice that a lot of new users prefer to start with capsules. To be honest, Kratom is not the best-tasting thing out there. It has a very organic taste. Because of this new users start with capsules because they are easier to get down. They are also easier to keep track of how much kratom you are consuming, as long as you know the weight of kratom in each capsule. As for powder, It is the preferred method for most kratom connoisseurs. Powder takes effect a bit quicker. The most notable way to take kratom is the toss and wash method. Put the powder in your mouth and chase it with a beverage of your choice. Others mix it in with a beverage of their choice and drink it that way.

Like I had stated previously, what works for someone else may not work for you. Kratom is your own journey and one we would be happy to share with you. We would love to help guide you. If you have any questions at all please give us a call.